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Deposits & Withdrawals

Deposit & Withdrawal

HYCM (DIFC) is proud of its highly efficient and transparent deposit and withdrawal policy. You can fund your account and make withdrawals via multiple payment options including pre-registered Debit Card and wire transfer with ease and security. All online transactions are executed using 128 bit SSL encryption providing you with protection at par with international banking standards.

Payment Methods
1 to 5
working days
$0 US$300 1 to 5
working days
US$35 *
Within 1 day $0 $20 7 to 10
working days
$0 **
  • *

    For wire transfer withdrawals, a handling fee of US$35 will be charged excluding the bank's transfer fees.

  • **

    If the Debit Card or other account associated with your account has expired and a withdrawal is unable to be processed, the withdrawal will be issued by Wire Transfer and incur a charge of US$35 per transaction.


  • What methods of payment are available for depositing and withdrawing funds?
    The following methods are accepted
    1. Pre-registered Debit Cards
    2. Wire transfer
  • Can I fund my account with a credit card?
    No. Clients of HYCM (DIFC) cannot fund their trading accounts with credit cards.
  • What kind of bank cards do you accept?
    Most of the commonly used Debit Cards from across the globe can be used to deposit funds to your trading account with HYCM (DIFC). However all Debit Cards will have to be pre-registered with us in order to make a deposit.
  • How can I pre-register my Debit Card with you?
    Please fill in the Debit Card Registration Form and send it to us together with a clear copy of your Debit Card (front side only) to [email protected]. We will attach the Debit Card to your profile within 1 business day, subject to successful verification. It is also helpful to note that you can register more than one Debit Card to your profile.
  • Why has my transaction been declined?
    There could be several reasons for your card transaction being failed or declined. However it is important to note the following:
    1. Firstly make sure your card is pre-registered with us. (If not please follow the procedure mentioned above)
    2. As Debit Cards are linked to your bank account, please ensure you have sufficient funds available in your bank account.
    3. Your Debit Card may have expired.
  • Can I cancel a withdrawal?
    You have the ability to cancel your withdrawal within 24 hours of your withdrawal request. The amount will be credited back into your trading account within 48 hours of cancellation. To request a cancellation of your withdrawal please contact your Relationship Manager or use the Live Person chat service
  • Will my details be safe?
    HYCM Capital Markets (DIFC) Limited's website is a secure site adopting a 128-bit encryption key for all client details and transactions. We have partnered with Verisign for added client security. All client transactions and details are handled with the utmost confidentiality.
  • Can I deposit &withdraw onto another person's card?
    Both of the above are not acceptable with HYCM(DIFC). We do not accept any third party transfers when depositing or withdrawing from your account. All third party payments will be rejected and not processed.
  • If I have two accounts with HYCM(DIFC) can I transfer money from one account to the other?
    HYCM(DIFC) does allow you to transfer money from one account to another. To do so, go to the Trading accounts section of the Client Profile and follow the Inter Account Transfer process, choose the 2 accounts and the amount and the transfer will be processed.

Forms Documents

Forms & Documents

All payment-related forms and documents can be found below.
If you require any assistance, our customer service team is on hand 24x5 to help